The HIGH & MIGHTY collection showcases our most dramatic, exaggerated looks. These lashes are a fit for those who seek extreme eye ferocity and contrast. WARNING!! These lashes are so seductive they will stir up trouble!!

The SOCIAL BUTTERFLY collection aims to please those who crave for “go to” lashes for either daily slaying on your trips to brunch, retail therapy, or even a late night out clubbing. WEAR WITH CAUTION!! these lashes will inevitably make you stand out every where you go!

The NINE 2 FIVE collection is for those who want lashes that they can wear to work and casually. You know what they say- “You have to LOOK good to FEEL good.”

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You’ve probably been drawn to learning more about mink eyelashes because maybe you’ve seen them being worn by celebrities or influencers you’ve come across on social media. As a matter of fact, it’s BECAUSE of them that mink has become so poplar today. They’ve been used by Hollywood the music scene for quite a while now.

They give a certain luxuriousness to the lashes and the way that you wear them. Another upside Is the comfort of wear. Rather than synthetics, they’re made from natural materials- not to mention that they look much better when being used. This makes them popular among not just the wealthy, but also for those who just want to look ravishing for any special occasion.

You don’t have to be famous or an influencer to feel the difference of mink lashes. You may be choosing them for economic reasons since mink can be worn more than once. They are also more durable and last longer than the cheaper synthetic eyelashes.

Think about it. If you buy a pair today, you will save money over time. Makes sense, right? Mink is also a good option for those with allergies or sensitive skin since it is less likely to causes rashes or skin irritation.

Look the part without having to sacrifice your comfort!



As much as I loved synthetic lashes in my glory days, I couldn’t help but notice that they became more uncomfortable to wear as I aged . My ever-so-sensitive allergies didn’t make the situation any better. My eye make-up would smudge and watery eyes would prevent those lashes from sticking. Inevitably, I became less confident about my lashes since I would always be adjusting them, reapplying glue and consistently looking in the mirror (As if I was obsessed with myself. Haha). I’m sure a lot of my women can relate to that predicament!!

I tried everything you could possibly think of to make it work. I had an adoration for lashes that kept me motivated to solve the problem (they say pain is beauty, right?).

I tried using new face lotions since I thought perhaps the cause was oily skin. I tried every brand of eyelash glue available. I even took a chance with eyelash extensions. You can say I tried just about anything and everything, yet my eyes were still watery and my lashes were still coming off throughout the day. You would think the world would have blessed us with an easier way to stay beautiful!

Until one day I came across “Mink” lashes and realized I had spoke too soon. I had heard about Mink lashes for a while, but honestly could not work up the courage to be impulsive enough to try them and I was stubborn to change. I was aware that they were not as inexpensive as synthetic lashes, but after rationally thinking about it, I realized that for my whole life I had been tossing my synthetic lashes at the end of the night since they were so uncomfortable to wear anyways. The accumulation of the cost of these one-time-use synthetic lashes did not weigh out. So I figured why not give Mink a try?

After my first use of Mink lashes, I immediately noticed an astounding, night and day difference! Immediately after I applied the lashes, it felt so comfortable that I never once had to readjust them. Not once did my eyes get watery and I surprisingly wore them all day without any issues. The hairs on Mink lashes are unbelievably soft and the cotton band does wonders. Not only have I been worry-free since getting introduced to Mink lashes, but I have honestly felt more beautiful and confident than I ever have!

And this is the short version of the story which started the journey that turned into
Lady Kong - The Lash Co.

But the REASON behind the PASSION is this..

Your lashes tell your story.. which is why Lady Kong tries to tailor to all different types of women’s tastes, whether you are looking for Mink, Faux Mink or even (dare I say) Synthetic Lashes for those blessed beauties who don’t have all the sensitivities that I do. To allow you to tell YOUR story on any given day.

They say eyes can see into the soul.. and Lady Kong understands the profoundness in its meaning. The eyes can simply instill confidence. The eyes can give you a sense of empowerment. The eyes speak all the words that your mouth can’t.

I’m a very social person so I'm habitually out at gatherings, functions, and just socializing in general. And I happen to think that my lashes play one of the most significant roles in my attire no matter where the destination is. Accessorizing your eyes should not be overlooked! Investing in your beauty, confidence, and sovereignty is a necessity.