Synthetic Vs. Mink Lashes, which lashes are superior?
In my opinion, definitely Mink! Synthetic eyelashes are pretty rigid and heavy, which makes them slightly uncomfortable to wear. Sometimes they irritate the area around the eyes. Synthetic lashes often look more unnatural and cannot be used as many times as you would be able to with Mink. Mink hair is incredibly light, more comfortable and natural looking. The durability of Mink lashes is also superior. However, if you are new to fake lashes, we recommend purchasing some synthetic styles just to get the experience of apply and wearing lashes first.

Why choose Lady Kong lashes over eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions require you to take a trip to the beauty salon, where individual (mink) hairs are glued to your natural lashes. This could take up to 3 hours and can cost you between $150-$500! On top of that, you would have to go to the salon every 2-3 weeks for a touch-up that may cost you $100!
Lady Kong lashes offers you the same beautiful, natural look as professional eyelash extensions. And you wouldn’t be spending a fortune and many hours at the beauty salon.

Do Lady Kong lashes look fake?
Our mink lashes are just like natural lashes (unless you like an exaggerated look and purchase one of our more exaggerated styles). They look and feel like your own lashes, making them the most natural-looking lashes out there.

I am new to fake eyelashes, why should I choose Lady Kong lashes over mascara?
If your natural lashes are sparse and short, you won’t be able to get a significant amount of length or volume by just using mascara. 100% mink hair lashes will give you long, luscious lashes. And you can do this without compromising the natural look. To make it even better: we offer many styles, ranging anywhere from natural to exaggerated lashes.

How are Lady Kong lashes made?
Lady Kong lashes are individually handmade by one of the finest lash production facilities in the world.  We use the imported mink fur from Siberia. Not all the ingredients are used; we select them carefully to discard all the damaged ones, and only use the most complete eyelashes for the best results. We’re also CRUELTY-FREE.

I wear contacts, can I still wear Lady Kong lashes?
Yes. Our lashes are applied right above your own lash line. Our lashes will not come in contact with your contact lenses.

I have very sensitive skin; can I still use Lady Kong lashes?
Yes. We use the finest quality Siberian mink hair. The lashes are washed and sterilized in accordance with strict guidelines. No chemicals are used during the sanitation process of our lashes, which makes them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Will the false lashes harm my own eyelashes?
No. When false eyelashes are applied correctly, with the proper adhesive and removed gently, there is no harm done to your real lashes. In fact, real lashes have shown to become healthier from wearing false eyelashes because it replaces the need to wear mascara or curl your eyelashes. False eyelashes are much safer and harmless compared to eyelash extensions, which will cause damage to your real lashes.

Do Lady Kong lashes only come in one size?
Yes, Lady Kong mink lashes come in one standard size and length so you can customize them and trim them to be the perfect fit for your eyes.

Is eyelash adhesive included with my purchase?
No, eyelash adhesive is not included in your purchase.